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Vast Digital Publishing is India’s leading provider of e-magazines solutions for launching the digital edition of print magazines. eZineMart allows readers to subscribe to member magazines and view the digital editions of the printed magazine online allowing publishers to reach out to readers globally who are beyond the reach of traditional distribution channels. At Vast Digital Publishing we have two models for helping publishers launch digital editions of magazines:

1.   www.eZineMart.com is an online magazine store that offers visitors access to the digital edition of the magazine. www.eZineMart.com is e-commerce ready and publishers can sell subscriptions to the digital edition and print edition as well. Publishers who sign up for the www.eZineMart.com service are offered a turnkey solution that includes hosting, digitization of current issues, digitization of archives, print sales and a feature rich interactive platform for visitors to view the digital magazine. www.eZineMart.com already has over 20 publishers and the number is fast growing.
2.   Alternatively, publishers can license the www.eZineMart.com e-zine engine from Vast Digital Publishing and host the website on their own. Publishers still have the option to get the conversion of print issues done by Vast Digital Publishing where the files will be uploaded to a web server and the conversion will be done by Vast Digital Publishing.
The major benefits of eZineMart are:

  • Archival of all the print issues
  • Search and many other interactive feature
  • Instant Global reach of digital edition
  • Reduce cost of printing and distribution.
  • New medium of brand promotion.
  • Ecomerce enabled Ezinemart has a payment gateway - that allows publishers to sale print and digital subscription
  • Multimedia enabled : content and advertising options
  • Turn key solution

We at Vast Digital Publishing have the technology and the infrastructure to offer you a turnkey solution.

For Publishers

eZineMart.com opens new channels of revenue generation, higher brand recall and a loyal readership.
The advantages of being on eZineMart for publishers are:

  • Launch a digital edition
  • More revenues through enhanced reader base
  • Paid or free access to current digital issue of the magazine
  • Premium subscription based access to paid archives for reader
  • Ability to showcase content without allowing users to copy-paste the content as the option of showing text as an image also exists
  • Reduce cost of printing and distribution
  • Be there with the other magazines on a single platform
  • Sell subscriptions of the printed edition using the eZineMart shopping cart and payment gateway
  • Free trial for product sampling to non reader in India
  • Archival of all the print issues
  • Interactive features allow online reader to submit feedback to articles, share the articles and have discussions with other reader
  • A transparent merchant login account with multiple reports that provides
  • Registration data of reader who have opted in (name, contact details, demographic profile and other data)
  • View active, new, expired, suspended accounts
  • View what other publications have been subscribed by their reader
  • Check ledger account online for revenues accrued
  • Reach subscribers abroad at a lower cost, in time and save on shipping

For Advertiser

eZineMart.com also helps advertisers increase reach and recall by integrating audio-video advertisements with the advertisements already published in the magazines hosted on eZineMart. It also allows marketers to conduct context based surveys and offer other innovations to a highly involved audience.
Advantages to Advertisers are:

  • See where your advertisement has appeared in the digital edition without waiting for the physical copy of the magazine to reach you. Communication through mail to open your specific page where advertisement has appeared.
  • Many publishers offer the current issue or archives free to view to visitors to eZineMart. Your ad published in one of the magazines hosted on eZineMart gets viewed by reader who may not be reading the offline magazine
  • Show flash advertisements instead of still advertisements by replacing the static ad in the digital edition*
  • Show targeted Pop-up/ under ads based on the demographic profile of the user
  • Targeted ads can be displayed based on either the editorial content or advertisement being viewed
  • The pop-up ads can be TV commercials (TVC) still ads
  • Conduct online survey/ polls

At a small add on cost. Contact adsales@eZineMart.com for details

For Readers

eZineMart.com replicates the look and feel of the print edition of your favourite magazines on the web. eZineMart has additional functionality over the print edition and many utilitarian features that makes viewing the digital edition a unique and delighful experience.
Advantages to reader are:

  • Reach subscribers abroad at a lower cost, in time and save on shipping
  • Now you can read your favourite publication in any part of the country or the world because of web based global availability
  • Subscribe to the print or/ and the digital edition