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About Us

Vast Digital Publishing Pvt. Ltd. – a media hub, is an India based company headquartered in the Delhi National Capital Region. Vast Digital Publishing provides outsourcing services to news publishers, private enterprises, public sector undertakings, government departments and the social sector. Vast Digital Publishing is led by a skilled and experienced team backed by cutting edge technology. Vast Digital has been established to provide KPO/ BPO services for digitization and archival management and has two verticals:

1) Media Hub – KPO and BPO
2) eZineMart.com – The Digital Magazine portal (selling print and digital editions)

1) Media Hub

India has emerged as a preferred destination for global customers who want quality services and expertise to bridge the gap arising due to lack of domain expertise. In this increasing competitive sector, Vast Digital is effectively catering to the growing demand for BPO and KPO (outsourcing) services in the publishing industry. The silent features of
media hub are as follows:-
• Digitization of analog archives
• Conversion of softcopy content to other formats (e.g. PDF to XML, XML to HTML)
• DTP and type setting
• Page designing of all pages or specific pages like classified, stock listing, TV listing, etc.
• Color correction of photos/ advertisements
• Editing and proofing of content
• Research
• Advertisement billing and voucher tear sheets
• Updating of websites
• Conversion to e-paper or e-magazine
• Designing services

How its works:

i) Media Hub Platform: A web based secure platform where customers upload the job
ii) Team Media Hub: The work is processed at the Media Hub based on client brief/ requirements
iii) Approval by Domain Expert: The completed job is checked and approved by an expert at the Media Hub
iv) Delivery: The approved job is sent/ delivered to the client via web/ leased circuit It is a process that allows for cost effective, specialized services delivered in a speedy manner under the supervision of domain experts.

Other Services/ Platforms

i) Virtual Newsroom
• Technology development for seamless integration between editorial users located in different geographies
• Anytime – Anywhere working
• Example, stock pages, editing of news and page designing of some pages happens in India. Front page/ key pages finalized in New York. All users can see the status of content and pages

ii) Platform for Re-purposing Content
• Content processed and packaged for delivery over multiple media enabled by new technology
• Content can be pushed to print, digitals edition, portal, WAP etc. using a single platform and service provider
• More time at disposal for a given Cycle
• Technology experience of domain for quicker data/ information exchange with quality
• Reduced Staff Cost
• Better Resource Utilization
• Reduced Investment in Technology and Infrastructure
• Improved Information
• New and Enhanced Revenue Sources
• Higher Customer Retention
• Quicker Time-to-Market
• More Focus of Core processes by Outsourcing non-core process

2) www.eZineMart.com

Vast Digital Publishing is India’s leading provider of e-magazines solutions for launching the digital edition of print magazines. eZineMart allows readers to subscribe to member magazines and view the digital editions of the printed magazine online allowing publishers to reach out to readers globally who are beyond the reach of traditional distribution channels. At Vast Digital Publishing we have two models for helping publishers launch digital editions of magazines:

1. www.eZineMart.com is an online magazine store that offers visitors access to the digital edition of the magazine. www.eZineMart.com is ecommerce ready and publishers can sell subscriptions to the digital edition and print edition as well. Publishers who sign up for the www.eZineMart.com service are offered a turnkey solution that includes hosting, digitization of current issues, digitization of archives, print sales and a feature rich interactive platform for visitors to view the digital magazine. www.eZineMart.com already has over 150 publishers and the number is fast growing.

2. Alternatively, publishers can license the www.eZineMart.com e-zine engine from Vast Digital Publishing and host the website on their own. Publishers still have the option to get the conversion of print issues done by Vast Digital Publishing where the files will be uploaded to a web server and the conversion will be done by Vast Digital Publishing.
The major benefits of eZineMart are:

• Archival of all the print issues
• Search and many other interactive feature
• Instant Global reach of digital edition
• Reduce cost of printing and distribution.
• New medium of brand promotion.
• e-commerce enabled eZineMart has a payment gateway - that allows publishers to sale print and digital subscription
• Multimedia enabled : content and advertising options
• Turn key solution