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PHOTO INSERT I.Christian Louboutin Replica.

My father, William Jefferson Blythe, 1944.giuseppe zanotti heels.

My father and my mother, Virginia Cassidy Blythe, at the Palmer House Hotel, Chicago, love bracelet replica.

Mother and bracelet replica.

Here I am in 1949. Above, far left: at my father's gravesite on the afternoon Mother left for nurse's training in New Orleans; above, center: in our backyard; above, right: posing for a photo for Mother's Day.moncler outlet.

My grandmother Edith Grisham Cassidy, 1949. She was a private duty nurse..Cartier Love Bracelet Replica.

My grandfather James Eldridge Cassidy (right) in his grocery store in Hope, Arkansas, love bracelet replica.

Miss Marie Purkins' School for Little Folks in Hope. I'm at the far left, with Vince Foster next to me and Mack McLarty in the back row..Cartier love bracelet Replica.

My great-grandfather Lem Grisham came to visit me in the hospital when I broke my leg, March bracelet replica.

With my great-uncle Buddy Grisham, one of the lights of my life, during my first presidential campaign.Giuseppe Zanotti outlet.

Daddy (my stepfather, Roger Clinton).Replica Christian Louboutin.

Mother and Daddy, love bracelet replica.

Daddy and I at home in Hope, love bracelet replica.

My brother, Roger, and I with Cora Walters, the wonderful woman who took care of

I'm in the front, right behind the photographer, as President John F. Kennedy addresses the Boys Nation delegates in the Rose Garden on July 24, 1963..Cartier love bracelet replica.

David Leopoulos and I as emcees of the Hot Springs High School Band Variety Show, 1964

Mother, Roger, our dog Susie, and I in the snow at our Park Avenue house, 1961

At a picnic with friends, including Carolyn Yeldell, David Leopoulos, Ronnie Cecil, and Mary Jo Nelson

Frank Holt meeting and greeting in his shirtsleeves during his 1966 campaign for governor. (I'm in the light-colored suit.)

With my brother and my roommates at our graduation from Georgetown, 1968: (from left) Kit Ashby, Tommy Caplan, Jim Moore, and Tom Campbell

My Oxford roommates: Strobe Talbott (left) and Frank Aller. I'm in my bearded phase.

I surprised Mother by flying home for her wedding to Jeff Dwire, January 3, 1969. Reverend John Miles officiated, and I was best man. Roger's in the front.

With my mentor J. William Fulbright and his administrative assistant, Lee Williams, September 1989. During my Georgetown years, I was assistant clerk on Fulbright's Foreign Relations Committee.

Hillary and I with our Yale Law School Barristers Union classmates

Campaigning for George McGovern in San Antonio, Texas, 1972

Teaching at the University of Arkansas Law School, Fayetteville

With George Shelton, my campaign chairman, and F. H. Martin, treasurer. While they passed away before my presidency, their sons both served in my administration.

Campaigning with my gubernatorial predecessors Dale Bumpers and David Pryor

Campaigning for Congress, 1974

Our wedding day, October 11, 1975

Celebrating my thirty-second birthday during the campaign. Hillary is in dark glasses.

Addressing the Arkansas legislature after I was sworn in as governor, January 9, 1979

The youthful leaders of Arkansas, 1979: Secretary of State Paul Riviere, 31; State Senator Cliff Hoofman, 35; me, 32; State Auditor Jimmie Lou Fisher, 35; and Attorney General Steve Clark, 31

With Chelsea and Zeke

Hillary, Carolyn Huber, Emma Phillips, Chelsea, and Liza Ashley celebrate Liza's birthday in the Governor's Mansion in 1980.

With three of my strongest Arkansas supporters: Maurice Smith, Jim Pledger, and Bill Clark, 1998

Visiting Arkansas Delta Project leaders, with whom I worked to bring economic development to their region

Parents and students at the Governor's Mansion for High School Honors Day, celebrating the valedictorians and salutorians of Arkansas high schools

My workday at the Tosco plant

At the Sanyo Electric plant in Japan

Left to right: Henry Oliver; Gloria Cabe; Carol Rasco

At the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, during the governors' conference, 1984. I'm standing next to Minnie Pearl; Hillary is at the far left.

Dancing with Chelsea and with Hillary at the Governor's Inaugural Ball, January, 1991

With Dr. Billy Graham and my pastor, Dr. W. O. Vaught, fall 1989

With (clockwise, from left) Lottie Shackleford, Bobby Rush, Ernie Green, Carol Willis, Avis Lavelle, Bob Nash, and Rodney Slater at the National Democratic Convention, July 1992

The 1992 campaign

Tipper Gore took this picture of the huge crowd in Keene, New Hampshire

Campaigning in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Wall Street turns out for Hillary and me.

On the West Coast in 1992

Cinco de Mayo

Rally in Seattle

Greeting supporters in Los Angeles

At a prayer meeting after the Los Angeles riots

The Rodham family: (from left) Maria, Hugh, Dorothy, Hillary, and Tony. Hillary's father, Hugh, is seated.

The campaign team

The bus tour

Hillary and I, Tipper and Al Gore, President Jimmy Carter, and (at left) Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller celebrate Tipper's and my joint birthday.

President George H. W. Bush, Ross Perot, and I at the University of Richmond debate

The Arsenio Hall Show

Election night, November 3, 1992

My first day as President-elect

With Mother

At Carolyn Yeldell Staley's house: (front row) Mother, Thea Leopoulos; (second row) Bob Aspell, me, Hillary, Glenda Cooper, Linda Leopoulos; (top row) Carolyn Staley, David Leopoulos, Mauria Aspell, Mary Jo Rodgers, Jim French, Tommy Caplan, Phil Jamison, Dick Kelley, Kit Ashby, Tom Campbell, Bob Dangremond, Patrick Campbell, Susan Jamison, Gail and Randy Goodrum, Thaddeus Leopoulos, Amy Ashby, Jim and Jane Moore, Tom and Jude Campbell, Will Staley


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